Meet Paris Oyster, for an adorable aphrodisiac of a read…


I’m proud to be featured in Meet Paris Oyster by Mireille Guiliano, available from TODAY in book shops & on Amazon!

Readers of my memoir Dream Seed Magic ~ A Journey Beyond My Imagination may recognise my multi-page cameo appearance in this adorable aphrodisiac of a read. Every page a delightful indulgence.

Best enjoyed by the sea with a glass of champagne, or two, I found … xx


Become more successful – FAST – a chat with Alexandra Watson, host of The Success Experience

Alexandra Watson, host of The Success Experience, 21 & 22 November, London.

Alexandra Watson, host of The Success Experience, 21 & 22 November, London.

Alexandra Watson has been described as ‘a Supercoach, a Business Expert & a Marketing Queen all in one!’ A highly successful & sought after Success Mentor for women who’s appeared on the X-Factor, in national newspapers & magazines. Having recently had the pleasure of meeting Alexandra & her WOW-factor, I’ve experienced that powerful combination in person. And I’ve already booked my tickets for more success – fast!

Here, with less than 3 weeks to go to her most exciting event of the year, is a little chat with Alexandra Watson for her to introduce herself to you & her sell out annual event, The Success Experience.

(Erm… just as a heads up, as this event sold out last year so you might want to hang around for a minute or two for info on how you can get your hands on tickets at the end of the chat? Or, maybe you want to go straight there now?…)


Alexandra, what excitement can we expect from The Success Experience that we can’t find at any other events? What’s the magic in this opportunity?
Diane, we create an amazing atmosphere and help people to make massive transformations there and then. I don’t believe in taking time out going to an event, making lots and lots of notes and then going home and forgetting everything! It’s about YOUR success and how you create it NOW!

How exciting! What is your experience of success?
Success to me is wealth in all areas of my life – it’s about being able to expand and express my gifts in a big way reaching as many people as I can. To connect and make a positive influence in the world.

Wonderful. Whose successes do you admire?
Anyone who has made a major breakthrough within themselves to be successful, so Paralympians for example…they haven’t let anything hold them back, they make the most of what they have and of life.

Absolutely. The Success Experience is for women only, is there a special reason for that?
A room full of women is a special energy and light that creates a highly creative and buoyant event – I love it!

What would you say to a woman who’s interested, but maybe feels a little shy or intimidated about attending an event like this?
I’d ask her; “If you weren’t shy or intimidated what would you do?” You should never be held back…ever!

In all your years of experience Alexandra, what’s THE biggest issue holding women back from success & how can being at The Success Experience change that for them?
The biggest issue is always something they think is lacking in themselves…it’s either they don’t feel they know enough, or they’re not experienced enough or they’re not good enough. I teach, and will be teaching at the event how to breakthrough these limitations almost immediately. It is really a vital part of the two days.

That sounds super powerful, I’ll be looking forward to that.

As you know Alexandra, I’m a Dream Seed Ambassador – tell us the most powerful thing The Success Experience can do to help others to find, follow & live their dreams.
The Success Experience is going to help people get clarity on their life, about who they are and what they want – two essentials for success. On top of that we’re going to explore your goals and dreams and lay them out without the fear, so the pathway to them becomes clearer, easier and faster.


And moving on to a more serious question: we all know that if you were a colour, you would definitely be a fabulous pink. But here’s a thought – if you were a dessert, which dessert would you be? And why?
More serious did you say?!! Banofee Pie – because it’s a wonderful combination of delicious flavours and a real naughty treat!

Cool bananas! Trifle for me, I think. Homemade of course, with a generous splash of sherry. Colourful layers of happy memories… Anyway, let’s continue!

What’s the single most precious personal ‘gift’ that each of us ladies who attend The Success Experience in London this month will get to take away with us?
A deeper understanding of what success looks like in their lives and how to get it.


WOW, thank you Alexandra! This event sold out last year. I’ve got my tickets. Question is … have you got yours?

Book here NOW & see you there!



Inspiring Dream Seed Magic at Technopop London


With grateful thanks to Julia Elmore of for her photographic assistance.

The first 100 school children seated & settled themselves in the Main Theatre. “Who has a dream?” I asked each audience at the start of my talks at Technopop: a pop-up festival of science, technology, design & innovation for 6-19 year olds. A few young teenage hands were raised apprehensively. “Or, is there anything you’ve always wanted to do?” I rephrased encouragingly. A few more hands reached for the moon & the stars. I silently admired their courage.

They didn’t have to tell me their dreams. They didn’t have to tell anyone at all. It was their dream.

IMG_2680I began to share my story, while my audience listened intently. The story of finding, following & living the first dream of my own, of my life. I showed them my own invisible dream seed, held up between my almost pinched fingers – some smiled back knowingly, some looked confused, they all wanted to listen to find out more. As I slumped to sit on a low table in the middle of the stage to recount the lowest points of my story, the children’s eyes widened, the red lipstick-framed mouth of a school girl fell open, I felt them follow my every word, as if they were the footsteps of my journey. Some front row boys giggled awkwardly, but only momentarily.

As I guided each audience on a 20-30 minute tour, passing through 20-30 years of my journey, I paused to engage with them, to honour their attention. I took them to Paris with me to begin my first dream age 40. “Tu parles le français?” I asked. “Oui Madame!” A young solitary voice replied from a boy towards the back. And I returned them to Britain to join me on my little British things Tour where I invited them to contribute their own examples of everyday Britishness: double-decker buses, Big Ben, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Just a few suggestions revealing their personal experiences of Britishness from a diverse, central London audience. And we paused together at the exact point of my tour when I felt like giving up. Had they ever felt like giving up on something? Oh yes! Again several more honest, open, interactive hands participated.

At The End of my talk, I invited my inspiring audience to share their own precious dreams out loud. Of course, only if they wanted to. They were their dreams. An endearing hand raised on the front row: a dream to create a virtual reality. Then another hand: a dream of travelling to poor countries to provide medical treatment. And another hand: a dream to become an astronaut, an engineer, an architect – all voiced aloud tentatively but with sincerity & delight. Two boys to my left poked fun at each other’s DSCN4739dreams prompting a quiet discussion on respect for another’s dreams.

As I thanked & said farewell to my final talk that day, the questions were still being launched as I walked down the central aisle towards the back of the room. “Are you like a real life actual author, Miss?” One eager hand waved repeatedly in the air, “Are you still being bullied?” the concerned boy asked quietly. “How come you showed us your dream seed if it’s inside you?” I was enthusiastically challenged. Good question! I was so grateful for that question. “How old are you now?” a few young girls calculated calmly together based on the information they’d heard in my story. They had listened & remembered the details.

But by far the most common question was “Is that a true story?” The only variation being the addition of “Miss” at the end of the question & the enthusiasm, amazement & wonder on their faces, in their voices, each time it was asked. “Yes, every word.” I replied.

One boy concluded the magic of our shared experience with “Wow, your life is amazing’ Miss!” – it was a privilege to have touched their young lives that day.

My talk at Technopop London was based on my memoir, Dream Seed Magic ~ A Journey Beyond My Imagination, available on Amazon around the world.

With grateful thanks to Julia Elmore of be Creative Daily for her photographic assistance.


With grateful thanks to Julia Elmore of for her photographic assistance.

READ ALL ABOUT IT! Interview with Rohantime at end of 80 day little British things Tour


Celebrating the finish in Poole

Celebrating the finish with Poole Lifeboat Station

Read all about it! Click the link here …


Tour sponsor Rohan: - THANK YOU!

Tour sponsor Rohan: – THANK YOU!


Postcard from … Day 80. An exhausted & elated end to my little British things Tour – THANK YOU!


Celebrating Day 80 at Poole Lifeboat Station with some of the crew & station team.

Day 80. My 2014 little British things Tour, around Britain in 80 days has reached its final day & its finishing destination back at Poole, where it began on 13 May, 80 days ago.

I feel exhausted & elated, perhaps in equal measure.

As I take a train back to take a break, to rest, process, reflect & review I wanted to share some of the initial thoughts in my over-used, under-rested, numbed, mind of marshmallow-mush which I’m deeply grateful for …

I’m grateful for the whole roller coaster expedition of energy & emotions born from a the dream seed sown back in August 2012. I’m grateful for all my learnings, self-discoveries & new experience (I can’t wait to put them to use next time!) For my energy, focus, self-discipline & for my ability to adapt to & accept the changes & challenges which became a daily occurrence throughout the tour. I’m grateful I didn’t experience any illness, accidents or injuries. I’m grateful for my personal safety, no serious transport mishaps or forgetting my suitcase (although sometimes I forgot some names!) I’m grateful for no technological crashes (even though there were occasionally power shortages of the human kind). I’m grateful I was able to keep on top of emails plus other messages despite unpredictable & unreliable internet signals around the coastline – MAN, I AM GRATEFUL FOR WiFi!

I’m grateful to every single person who has played a role in the support & success of me on my little British things Tour. Near & far, loud & quiet; from giving me directions on a platform to Tour Support through the 80 days. I couldn’t have done this alone.

I’m grateful to my favourite travel companion, Rohan for it’s fabulous clothing easing the way in my minimalist suitcase of 100ish things. To Team Rohan in its stores & Head Office, with special thanks to Brand Becky, Store Samantha & Designer Chris for all their ideas & efforts to support me with clothing & accessories plus fundraising events at a selection of their coastal stores on my route around Britain. And grateful thanks to Sarah, founder of Rohan & Rohantime for her unwavering enthusiasm, support & wisdom. What a Passepartout Tour Crew you are!

I’m grateful to & even more in awe of the lifesaving work of the RNLI. I’m forever grateful to the Lifeboat Station crews & their station teams who I’ve met around the coast of Britain. They welcomed me into their stations, on their boats, into their world & their Lifeboat family. They didn’t know it, but they have repeatedly re-reminded & re-motivated me to find a way through my own stormy seas during the tour. The experiences of sharing their training exercises, their character & their conversations will remain with me forever. With particular thanks to Michael in Douglas on the Isle of Man for getting the show on the road. And to the numerous RNLI volunteers like, Christine, Cathy & Geof. You are all magical inspiration!

I’m grateful to my Tour Crew including, dear friend, host & Tour Crew for the Day, Susie of Mildred Jones Fine Jewellery, Nina Lenton, Sam Dounis & Judith Morgan plus all the other supporters who have contributed & become members of my Tour Crew Community. I’m grateful for all my crowd-funding supporters, for the stamina & support of friends, Twitter & Facebook friends cheering me on from afar along the journey & for all the messages of support received. And I’m really grateful to Sue Fernandes who donated the daily task of updating the wonderful Tour Route Map on my website. You’re all brilliant Sunshines!

I’m grateful for my Dad. He’s getting really fast at texting now & has learnt how to do smiley faces. :-) Put the kettle on Dad, The Whirlwind is on the train!

I’m grateful for all the media opportunities, invitations & support ranging from radio interviews, local newspapers, press officer interviews. And more. Even the request for an exclusive TV interview which unfortunately couldn’t happen back in Kingston-upon-Thames – I’m still grateful to have been asked!

I’m grateful for all the strangers I’ve met along the way, for all the kind, hospitable & generous hosts, some of whom have become friends. I have learned something from every encounter. I’m grateful for all the gifts of thoughtfulness, interest, flexibility, patience, sharing of contacts, action & wisdom.

I’m truly grateful for all the donations to the RNLI via my Just Giving page, in the street, at my breakfast table & in Rohan stores – together we have raised £1000 & rising! It’s definitely not too late to donate! The fundraising continues here …

I’m grateful for Britain & all its numerous little British things which continue to fascinate me including its untypically British Summer weather!

See you back out there soon, Sunshines! … with love & gratitude, fledgling on fire xx



Poole, Dorset (Wight)

Tour sponsor Rohan: - THANK YOU!

Tour sponsor Rohan: – THANK YOU!

Tour sponsor: Mildred Jones Fine Jewellery - THANK YOU!

Tour sponsor: Mildred Jones Fine Jewellery – THANK YOU!

Tour sponsor: Sam Dounis - THANK YOU!

Tour sponsor: Sam Dounis – THANK YOU!

Tour sponsor: Judith Morgan - - THANK YOU!

Tour sponsor: Judith Morgan – – THANK YOU!