“Wait! I want to plant a woodland!”

John was unrivalled entertainment at London Euston as I waited for my platform announcement.

He’d just come from a cocktail party with a bunch of architects (blah, blah, blah) & was complaining there wasn’t enough space to sit down & there wasn’t anywhere open for him to buy a coffee – even though he balanced a coffee in his hand as he took a seat.

John was pin-stripe suited, his short white hair accentuating his tan, he was from Stoke-on-Trent. His opening line was,
“You just come back from the Middle East or summut?”
This was with reference to my Amélie Poulain inspired scarf from John Lewis, which he attempted to moderate by describing as “exotic”.
I smirked.
Seated to my right, he elbowed me in the ribs as he told me his name & began to interrogate me about my life for his entertainment.

He’d been to a meeting with the Royal Horticultural Society earlier in the day. I divulged that I had once worked for them.
“Really!” He exclaimed spinning around smoothly on his polished metal concourse perch.

Finally, after I’d deflected all the banal stuff, he enquired,
“So what d’you do now?”

“I inspire & teach people to live their dreams.”

He paused momentarily & froze simultaneously.

“Blimey! Now you’ve got my attention. S’how’s that work?”

“I’ve started a Community to connect people with other dream believers & to share their networks of connections.”

The board displays my platform number & I gather my belongings to join the crowd stampede to our delayed train.

“Wait!” He insists. “I haven’t tested how this works yet – I want to plant a woodland!” He reveals.

“Live it.” I smile encouragingly.

“I feel inspired.” He replies.

And we shake hands to part.

What I stand for is Dream Seed Magic.

Steering a lifeboat in the Shetland Isles - Day 41/80 of my 2014 'little British things Tour'

Unimagined magic. Steering a lifeboat in the Shetland Isles – Day 41/80 of my 2014 ‘little British things Tour’

Some people believe having dreams is a first world indulgence for people with too much stuff, too much time on their hands, too few problems & not enough gratitude for any.

I don’t.

On Comic Relief on the BBC in March, comedian Dermot O’Leary shared his experience of what he encountered when he spent 24 hours with three teenage boys (age 12 to 14) on the streets of a city in Uganda, a ‘third-world’ country. Although these boys had virtually nothing except the clothes they stood up in & lived off just 10 pence a day, they still had dreams – to be a footballer, to be a pilot, to have an education.

On Caribbean with Simon Reeve on the BBC, he visited Restavek Freedom in Haiti, a group who cares for Restaveks, children who have been abandoned by their families to a life of slavery & abuse with strangers. Simon asked the youngest Restavek girl if she had a dream, she replied, “I’d like to be president.”

I believe her. I believe in the magic of living our own dreams.

I believe there’s a dream in all of us, that the desire to dream is an integral part of the human spirit – the inner compass which leads & guides each of us like a star in a night sky.

Some people think it’s selfish to focus on living dreams.

I don’t.

I believe living your dreams is the ultimate gift of love to yourself, to your family & friends, to your children, in fact to everyone you ever come into contact with in the world. It’s your gift to humanity. It’s how you can make a difference in the world.

Which is why my ultimate dream is to inspire, lead & guide ‘anyone & everyone’ to experience the magic of living their own dream – to make a difference, to change the world, one dream at a time.

This is the beginning of Dream Seed Magic, a cheerleading community of real & practical value for those who want to discover their own dream & to bring their dream to life. And for the magic of living those dream seeds to be spread by sharing the success stories back into the community & beyond.

There are many reasons which hold people back from doing something they’ve always wanted to do, such as not having access to positive people who believe in the benefits of realising dreams, both to ourselves, to those closest to us & to the world around us. And not having access to cheerleading connections who can help their actions to gain momentum to make what seems complicated & impossible – happen!

I’m discovering, since living the first dream of my own life, at age 40, nearly 5 years ago (you know, the one to live a year in France?), that although our dreams are as individual, unique & beautiful as each of our faces, dreams tend to have common themes, such as travel, love & family, weight-loss, business & career, or a specific pursuit such as waterskiing, teaching, learning to paint, dance or even learning to read. Plus so much more.

And there’s no age limit!

Since living my first dream, to live a year in France (which became living two years in Paris) I have emerged from a place of repeated depression, struggling with an eating disorder, bullying in the work place, a destructive relationship & being referred to the cancer queue with a lump on my breast, to experiencing unimagined magic. I have since woven living my dreams through my everyday life, including: sharing my story as a memoir, Dream Seed Magic ~ A Journey Beyond My Imagination, now published & available on Amazon, cruised the coast of Norway into the Arctic Circle & experienced the infinite magic of witnessing the Aurora Borealis & completed my 2014 little British things Tour around the coast of Britain in 80 days. And more.

Now I want to share the magic, my wisdom & my experience of living my own dreams to help others to experience the magic of living their own dreams. I’m currently running Dream Team Experience workshops, Dream Seed Magic personal mentoring days, & parties. And I’m building partnerships (& creating a new online presence) to make the Dream Seed Magic community a truly valuable space & practical experience – a place that makes a difference!

And the Dream Seed Magic Tour ~ bringing 365 dreams alive is coming soon…

Let me help you to bring your dream alive. Join our Community on Facebook & on Twitter. Sow your dream seed, live the magic!

Meet Paris Oyster, for an adorable aphrodisiac of a read…


I’m proud to be featured in Meet Paris Oyster by Mireille Guiliano, available from TODAY in book shops & on Amazon!

Readers of my memoir Dream Seed Magic ~ A Journey Beyond My Imagination may recognise my multi-page cameo appearance in this adorable aphrodisiac of a read. Every page a delightful indulgence.

Best enjoyed by the sea with a glass of champagne, or two, I found … xx


Inspiring Dream Seed Magic at Technopop London


With grateful thanks to Julia Elmore of BeCreativeDaily.com for her photographic assistance.

The first 100 school children seated & settled themselves in the Main Theatre. “Who has a dream?” I asked each audience at the start of my talks at Technopop: a pop-up festival of science, technology, design & innovation for 6-19 year olds. A few young teenage hands were raised apprehensively. “Or, is there anything you’ve always wanted to do?” I rephrased encouragingly. A few more hands reached for the moon & the stars. I silently admired their courage.

They didn’t have to tell me their dreams. They didn’t have to tell anyone at all. It was their dream.

IMG_2680I began to share my story, while my audience listened intently. The story of finding, following & living the first dream of my own, of my life. I showed them my own invisible dream seed, held up between my almost pinched fingers – some smiled back knowingly, some looked confused, they all wanted to listen to find out more. As I slumped to sit on a low table in the middle of the stage to recount the lowest points of my story, the children’s eyes widened, the red lipstick-framed mouth of a school girl fell open, I felt them follow my every word, as if they were the footsteps of my journey. Some front row boys giggled awkwardly, but only momentarily.

As I guided each audience on a 20-30 minute tour, passing through 20-30 years of my journey, I paused to engage with them, to honour their attention. I took them to Paris with me to begin my first dream age 40. “Tu parles le français?” I asked. “Oui Madame!” A young solitary voice replied from a boy towards the back. And I returned them to Britain to join me on my little British things Tour where I invited them to contribute their own examples of everyday Britishness: double-decker buses, Big Ben, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Just a few suggestions revealing their personal experiences of Britishness from a diverse, central London audience. And we paused together at the exact point of my tour when I felt like giving up. Had they ever felt like giving up on something? Oh yes! Again several more honest, open, interactive hands participated.

At The End of my talk, I invited my inspiring audience to share their own precious dreams out loud. Of course, only if they wanted to. They were their dreams. An endearing hand raised on the front row: a dream to create a virtual reality. Then another hand: a dream of travelling to poor countries to provide medical treatment. And another hand: a dream to become an astronaut, an engineer, an architect – all voiced aloud tentatively but with sincerity & delight. Two boys to my left poked fun at each other’s DSCN4739dreams prompting a quiet discussion on respect for another’s dreams.

As I thanked & said farewell to my final talk that day, the questions were still being launched as I walked down the central aisle towards the back of the room. “Are you like a real life actual author, Miss?” One eager hand waved repeatedly in the air, “Are you still being bullied?” the concerned boy asked quietly. “How come you showed us your dream seed if it’s inside you?” I was enthusiastically challenged. Good question! I was so grateful for that question. “How old are you now?” a few young girls calculated calmly together based on the information they’d heard in my story. They had listened & remembered the details.

But by far the most common question was “Is that a true story?” The only variation being the addition of “Miss” at the end of the question & the enthusiasm, amazement & wonder on their faces, in their voices, each time it was asked. “Yes, every word.” I replied.

One boy concluded the magic of our shared experience with “Wow, your life is amazing’ Miss!” – it was a privilege to have touched their young lives that day.

My talk at Technopop London was based on my memoir, Dream Seed Magic ~ A Journey Beyond My Imagination, available on Amazon around the world.

With grateful thanks to Julia Elmore of be Creative Daily for her photographic assistance.


With grateful thanks to Julia Elmore of BeCreativeDaily.com for her photographic assistance.

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Celebrating the finish in Poole

Celebrating the finish with Poole Lifeboat Station

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Tour sponsor Rohan: www.Rohan.co.uk - THANK YOU!

Tour sponsor Rohan: www.Rohan.co.uk – THANK YOU!